CANopen FD webinar in Russian language - 2021-05-12

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This CAN in Automation (CiA) webinar provides detailed information about CANopen FD. CANopen FD is an advancement of CANopen, a communication system based on CAN FD. It comprises higher-layer protocols and profile specifications. CANopen FD has been developed with special regard to making use of CAN FD’s higher data throughput, by keeping the key-attributes of CANopen. CANopen FD offers a high data throughput, advantageous for data demanding cloud applications. Embedded systems that can be modified by the end user during system run-time, benefit from the new USDO that allows a dynamical, simple establishment of cross-communication, in unicast and broadcast. Find here more details:

The CiA webinar is held in Russian language. Speaker: Oskar Kaplun (CAN in Automation)
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